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HG JEWISH THEATRE DONORS for the 2015 - 2016 Season

The Harold Green Family, Miriam,
  Eric, Cary, Ronda, Kevin and Lisa,
  Robin Green and Jamie Purdon

Judy Klarman and Eric Bresler

Anna and Leslie Dan

Toby and Saul Feldberg

The Families of David Green and

  Daphne Wagner, Karen Green and

  George Fischer, Donna Green and

  Michael Sanderson, Lindy Green

  and Barry & Laurie Green

Alan Greenberg

Sheila and Murray Goldman

Rosalie and Isadore Sharp

Shanitha Kachan and Gerald Sheff

Fran and Edward Sonshine

Eric and Leah Weisz and Family

  - Effort Trust


Barbara and Henry Bank

Donna and Barry Bank

Elly Barlin-Daniels and Peter Daniels

Sarah and Morris Perlis

Hinda and Allan Silber

Dene and Glenn Cohen

Annalee and Jeff Wagman

Judi and Marshall Egelnick

Stephen and Fern Morrison

BRL Realty Ltd.

Cosmic Advertising
  and Graphic Design

Barry Lipson

Verdiroc Holdings Ltd.


Barbara and Henry Bank

Barbara and Gary Fogler

Al and Malka Green

Joe Turkel


Alan Greenberg

Barbara and Lorne Bernstein

Dorris Adams

The Brettler/Mintz Foundation Ellen Haspel

Heather and Ron Hoffman

Murray and Sheila Goldman

Esther and Victor Peters

Linda Miller and Jay Silverberg

Mark Steinfeld


Nani and Austin Beutel

Howard Biderman

Creative Image Communications

Louise Cornblum

Elly Barlin-Daniels and Peter Daniels

Judi and Marshall Egelnick

Ian Epstein and Kathy Kacer

Ron Forster

Joy Kaufman

Barry and Helen Goldlist

Rosemary Goldhar

Alan Kaufman and Vicki Sterling

Sarah and Morris Perlis

Reliable Corporation

Moshe and Dara Ronen

Stu and Fay Rotman

Richard Sacks

Matt Salhani

Dennes Soncin & Melissa Sacharoff

Larry and Teresa Swern

Thea Weisdorf

Joel and Myra York


Betty and Bernard Burton

Paul Hopkinson

Jerry and Anne Tollinsky

Jack and Debbie Wasserman


Jeff Barrett

Adrienne and Paul Cohen


George Auerbach

Caryl Baker

Leonard and Berta Banks

Glenda Bocknek

Harvey and Yetta Brenman

Stan Budd

Gloria Clamen

David and Deborah Cooper

Miriam Devon

Jeri Elliot

Gordon and Ricki Fenwick

Sherry Fisch

Sharry Flett

Sid and Nancy Golden

Randy Goldlist

Stanley Goldfarb

Nomi Goodman

Irene Haltrecht

Missy Hecker

Harvey and Sheila Hecker

Al and Arlene Israel

Alex and Dorry Korn

Sylvia Kosky

Barbara and Sam Lazar

Eleanor Millman

Zipora Orland

Bernard and Linda Papernick

Stephen Phillips

Harvey and Shirley Rachman

Pauline Rapp

Harriet Ross

Sandy Rubenstein

Susan Rubin

Leslie Sacharoff

Michael Schelew

Phillip and Brenda Silver

Barbara Silverberg

Adrianne and Jerry Smith

Steven Sofer

Hanna Stein

Karen Steinhart

Ernest Rovet

Marshall and Tova Train

Philip and Nanci Turk

Phil Weinstein

Cindy Zimmerman

The Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company would like to thank all of our generous donors. Your passion and commitment to our theatre company is the inspiration that allows us to continue to present world class productions such as this.

If you would like to make a donation, please call Matt Birnbaum at 416.932.9995 x 223.

This donor lists encompasses the period from September 1, 2012 to September 19, 2013

If we have missed your name, please accept our apologies and contact David Eisner at 416-932-9995 ext 222 with any corrections.
To tailor your sponsorship to your needs, contact Matt Birnbaum at matt@hgjewishtheatre.com

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